Tuesday, July 19, 2005


You didn't think Allard and the Royals would stand on the sidelines as the trading deadline approached, did you?

Here we go...Deal #1.

Tony Graffanino to the Red Sox in exchange for OF Chip Ambres and LHP Juan Cedeno.

Ambres is a former #1 draft choice of the Florida Marlins who was signed as a minor league free agent last winter. He's known for his speed and above average plate discipline.

Cedeno features a mid 90s fastball and is working on a curveball/changeup combination to go along with the heat. Some control issues, but nothing we haven't seen before.

Sad to see Graff go, especially when you consider the type of season he is having. He's the type of player that should help a contender. Best of luck to him.

If both Ambres and Cedeno are added to the Royals 40 man roster, that will make 39 with room to add one more player. Something tells me the Royals aren't done dealing.

Hop over to Royals Authority for some more analysis.


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