Thursday, July 07, 2005

Let The Good Times Roll

Baseball is a funny game. The Royals, after looking so horrible in the first game, win the next two and take the series from the Mariners.

For the most part, a great night at the K. Let's get straight to the bullets:

• Starter Runelvys Hernandez stepped up and pitched well on Wednesday. He did give up nine hits, one off his season high, but was able to work out of every jam he found himself in. A one out triple in the second, a leadoff walk in the third, a one out double in the fourth, a leadoff single in the fifth and a one out double in the sixth netted the Mariners only one run.

• The Mariners didn’t help their cause by running into outs. Catcher John Buck twice gunned down would be basestealers and Hernandez picked another runner off second. For the season, Buck is throwing out 31% (17/55) of the runners attempting to steal.

• Only one day after writing about how we are displeased at the way the Royals are using WTP Favorite Andy Sisco, they were at it again. This time bringing him in the eighth inning with one out and a runner on second. Sisco was brought in strictly as a LOOGY to face Raul Ibanez and promptly issued a walk. Please, we beg you, stop using him in this manner. He’s not effective in this role and is not learning anything from it. Stop!

Mike MacDougal, on the other hand is becoming quite good as the appointed pitcher who makes appearances late in the ballgame when his team has a slight lead. (Yes, the “closer.”) Good ‘ole MacDougal. Always able to interject some fun in the proceedings. Wednesday night it was back to back walks with two down in the ninth inning, but he was able to get the third out and seal the series victory.

• Offensively, the Royals singled the Mariners to death. Of their 12 hits (whoooo, free donuts!) 10 were singles. In fact the Royals first couple of runs came early in the game when they were able to string together at least three singles in the second and third inning. Not too shabby for a team that was struggling to get anyone on base over the weekend.

• For the second night in a row, it was the bottom of the lineup getting it done for the Royals. Long, Berroa, Teahen and Buck combined to go 7-14 at the plate with three of the five runs.

• And to show that we don't always hate on Angel Berroa, we will happily tip our cap to the Royals' new number seven hitter on his three for three night at the plate.

• It couldn’t be a happy Royals post without some bad Mike Sweeney injury news. Sweeney left the game after his at bat in the first when he was hit on the wrist by a pitch. He was taken to a hospital for X-rays and at the time of this entry, the results were unknown. What is known is that the injury is to the left wrist, the same one that caused him to go on the DL last month with a torn ligament. This is like one of those recurring nightmares. Someone make it stop!

Up next, the Twins. The Royals will send Lima to the mound on Thursday to try to make it three in a row. Let's not spoil a good evening. No comment.


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