Monday, June 27, 2005

That Was Truly Awful

What a disgusting weekend for the Royals.

Swept by the Rockies.

Now we know how the Yankees and Dodgers feel.

I don't have much to say this morning, since the anti-depressants haven't kicked in so I will point you to Friday's post. If you haven't read it, it might be worthwhile. It's a breakdown of the pitching during the last six weeks of the season.

Looking at the numbers posted by the starters over the last six weeks, the latest hot streak has mostly come courtesy of the hitters. Although guys like Runelvys Hernandez and DJ Carrasco have been solid contributors, it's not surprising once the bats cooled off, the winning would slow down. That's what makes this weekend even worse. You knew that Lima would crash spectacularly in the mountains, but the starts from Carrasco on Friday and Hernandez on Saturday were downright disappointing.

Not a good weekend. Not at all.

It sucks to lose three in a row to the (previously) worst team in baseball.


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