Thursday, June 30, 2005

Snapping The Streak

Good win for the Royals on Wednesday. Anytime you lose eight games in a row, but can win the ninth…That’s a good win.

Just a couple of quick comments before moving on to other business:

• Does it piss you off when the second batter of the game bunts? Since it was Angel Berroa, there’s every reason to believe he did it on his own. We hope.

DJ Carrasco rebounded nicely from the anomaly that is Coors Field.

• Big day for the leadoff batter, David DeJesus. 4-5 with two doubles and a run scored.

Emil Brown not only pushed his career-best hitting streak to 16 games (.391/.435/.531), he turned in the defensive gem of the game when he cut down Shannon Stewart at home to end the third. And a WTP tip of the cap to Alberto Castillo for blocking the plate to prevent the run.

OK, on to some other random stuff:

The Case Against Angel:
• In 153 at bats with two strikes, Angel Berroa is batting .183/.219/.294 with 56 strikeouts.

• Among players with over 290 plate appearances in 2005, no player in the AL has drawn fewer walks (11) than Berroa.

The reason Jose Lima is second in the AL in home runs allowed.

Fools Gold:
Thurday's post was written while listening to The Stone Roses.


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