Tuesday, May 10, 2005

There Will Be No Winning Streak

I don’t really feel like doing any kind of in-depth recap of loss number 24. They are kind of starting to all look the same to me.

• Monday’s 6-1 loss marked the eighth time this season the Royals have scored exactly one run. Last year, they scored exactly one run in 16 games.

• One day after Benito Santiago was released by the Pirates, the player the Royals acquired for Benny, Leo Nunez, was called up to the majors. In calling up yet another player who began the season in A-ball, Allard Baird is rotating as many young guys as he possibly can. John Sickels at Minor League Ball rates Nunez as the Royals 16th best prospect and gives him a grade of C+. Hell, I was excited that Allard was able to actually get a live body in exchange for Benny. Now we actually get to see him pitch in a big league game.

• I don’t like the way that new type of artificial turf (called FieldTurf, how original!) shows up on television. It always looks like my vertical hold is this close to going haywire.

• Did you know that Skydome is now called Rogers Centre? When did this happen?

• Just curious, does anyone who reads this blog pay for baseball information on the web? It seems like every time I visit the ESPN baseball website, they’ve moved another writer behind the “insider” veil.

• I’ll probably be late with the next update. I’m taking a break from baseball to go see the Killers tonight at the Uptown.

Zack Greinke goes for his first win of the season tomorrow. 3, 1, 1, 2, 0, 1. That's the game-by-game breakdown of run support for Greinke this season. No wonder he's still searching for his first win.


At 1:02 AM, Anonymous david said...


I would never pay for the ability to see baseball commentary on a place like espn.. I DO pay for baseball prospectus,, but i like to think that's an animal of a diffrent color.

love your blog.. i just found it recently and I have been less misrable knowing that you royals bloggers are out there suffering with me.

At 9:00 AM, Anonymous kannc6 said...

I too pay for prospectus, but that is the only thing on the web for which i pay..well I am a subscriber to BA, so i get their web content as partof my subscription.

At 9:46 AM, Blogger JP said...

Nope...don't pay for any baseball or sports-related content on the Web. The only thing I do pay for is the Web site for our fantasy football league through Sportsline.

Other than that, I figure there's more than enough free baseball info out there through local papers' Web sites and the public stuff on ESPN.

By the way...does The Sporting News still exist???

At 1:53 PM, Blogger Craig Brown said...

I'm with you guys...I pay for prospectus but that's it.

I wish that ESPN hadn't moved Neyer behind the insider wall. At least his discussion on the Royals is still free.

I didn't know that you got web content with a BA subscription. I wouldn't complain if more magazines did things like that.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by!


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