Thursday, May 05, 2005

Play Ball!

Day game today and work is slow so I thought I would have a little fun...

I'll update every inning.

I just can't believe it. This team seemingly finds a new way to lose Some numbers from today:

• The Royals are now 3-9 in one run games this season.

• The Royals have now scored a grand total of eight runs in his six starts. That’s an average of 1.3 runs per game. Hernandez is the second-worst supported starter, averaging 3.2 runs per game.

• I would have liked to have seen Greinke remain in the game. He had thrown only 85 pitches and didn’t seem to be struggling. With runners on first and second the double play was in order. He had pitched so well up to that point and wasn’t overworked so I don’t see why you don’t let your best pitcher try to get out of the jam.

• A couple of nice defensive plays by Teahen at third. Add that to the previously mentioned gem by Berroa in the first and the throw by Castillo to nail Posednik trying to steal and the Royals probably played their best defensive game of the season.

• Someday the Royals will win games like this.

Ninth Inning
The Royals can't buy a break. Shingo Takatsu does his best Andy Sisco impersonation, putting two runners on without a hit, but Super Ken looks at called strike three. In fairness to Ken, the pitch was way low. Another Laz Diaz special. His strike zone has been all over the place this afternoon.

Long flies out to end the game.

Royals 1
Sox 2

Eighth Inning
An inning after the Royals had their collective foot on the neck of Contreras, they backed way off. Seven pitches, three easy outs.

Meanwhile, Greinke has never pitched past the seventh inning in his major league career. Today he makes it seven and a third before giving way to WTP Favorite Andy Sisco. A walk, a sacrifice and a hit batter chase Zack. I'm disappointed he didn't get the chance for the complete game and the shutout, but what an effort. He threw 85 pitches, 53 for strikes.

Sisco retires Jamie Burke pinch hitting for Pierzynski on a ball dribbled to third where the only out is at first moving the runners to second and third. With first open, Sisco pitches around Crede loading the bases...

And Sisco walks in the tying run on four pitches.

In comes Ambiorix Burgos and he can't find the plate either.

The Sox take the lead on four walks and a hit batter. It doesn't get anymore disgusting than that. And the best part of it all is Greinke is now on the hook for the loss. Crap.

Royals 1
Sox 2

Seventh Inning
Royals break through first!!!

Graffanino hits his first home run of the year on a 3-1 fastball.

Contreras recovers getting Sweeney to foul out and Stairs to strikeout on a questionable non-call on a foul tip (why do the Royals always seem to have trouble with Laz Diaz?) But he runs into trouble allowing a single to Super Ken and a walk(!) to Terrence Long. Contreras is in trouble, but Berroa bails him out by chasing a pitch in the dirt.

Greinke has made six starts this year and in the bottom of this inning was the first time he has pitched with a lead all year. Read that last sentence again. Unreal. The Royals have now scored a grand total of eight runs in his six starts.

Sox go down quietly. Greinke has now retired 12 in a row counting the Posednik caught stealing after he singled to lead off the fourth.

Royals 1
Sox 0

Sixth Inning

That was the Sonic Slam Inning. Like that was going to happen.

Sox go one, two, three as well. Neither team has gotten past first base.

Royals 0
Sox 0

Fifth Inning
Royals manage their second hit of the game, but Berroa is caught stealing to end the inning.

The Sox go quietly as Greinke rings up two more. The last was on a questionable call to former Royal Jermaine Dye low and away. Greinke has thrown 53 pitches thru five innings.

Royals 0
Sox 0

Fourth Inning
Nothing happening for the Royals. Contreras has retired 10 in a row.

Greinke seems to be working the inner half of the plate today. Trouble happens when he goes away from the hitter and Posednik leads off with a single. But Castillo guns him out stealing on the first pitch. That's only the second time in 13 attempts that Posednik is caught stealing. Zack celebrates by striking out Iguchi on a slow curve and Everett on an inside fastball.

Here's the pitch sequence to Everett to show the effectiveness of Grienke working inside:

Royals 0
Sox 0

Third Inning

Stat of the day courtsey of RSTN...David DeJesus sees more pitches per at bat (4.7) than any other leadoff hitter in the league. He looks at two balls before popping out.

Greinke goes to 3-2 on the leadoff hitter, A.J. Pierzynski before he gets the first hit of the afternoon for the Sox. But Zack doesn't let the leadoff walk get to him as he gets Crede to pop out and Uribe lines into a double play. He smoked the ball, but right to Teahen at 3B.

Royals 0
Sox 0

Second Inning

Royals go in order. Terrence Long looks particularly bad striking out.

Greinke has his lucky necklace and the White Sox are hacking. Aaron Rowand is the only batter who decided to take a couple of pitches and Zack got him in the whole 1-2. Cue the slow curve and Rowand is out in front and lifts a lazy fly to left. Three up, three down. Seven pitches that inning.

Royals 0
Sox 0

First Inning
It goes as usual for the Royals in their half of the first as the Royals get one hit by Sweeney who couldn't be any hotter right now. Too bad everyone else in the lineup is currently inept with the lumber.

Great play by Berroa ranging in the hole at short to end the White Sox half of the inning. Assist goes to Super Ken Harvey for digging the throw out of the dirt. Greinke sails thru the inning throwing only six pitches.

Royals 0
Sox 0

DeJesus CF
Graff 2B
Sweeney DH
Stairs RF
Harvey 1B
Long LF
Berroa SS
Teahen 3B
Castillo C

Greinke SP


At 2:38 PM, Anonymous brett said...

Let Greinke go complete game if he keeps this up, or bring in Burgos if it's still 1-0 in the 9th?

At 2:40 PM, Anonymous brett said...

Two hits, but a caught stealing and a double play... Greinke has faced the minimum through 7.

At 7:30 PM, Anonymous Sox Fan said...

Dude i feel sorry for you guys. That game must have felt terrible. You're tough to be able to continue writing about such a terrible team. Good Luck, but its looks like it won't get any better for a long time.

At 2:24 AM, Blogger Kevin said...

How'd you capture that shot of the Gameday pitch tracker?


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