Thursday, April 28, 2005

Answer: Three

How many pitches does it take to turn a 4-4 game into a 8-4 rout?

I've discussed this in my last several posts. You have your "A" bullpen and you have your "B" bullpen. If the game is close, you go to the "A" side.

Once again, the Royals starter does enough to keep the team in the game. Once again, the bullpen helps the team to a loss.

Shawn Camp entered the game with runners at the corners and no outs. Realistically, I didn't expect him to get out of the inning without giving up a run.

What I didn't expect was this...

Pitch 1: Up and in to Shannon Stewart. It hits him on the shoulder. Bases are now loaded

Pitch 2: Low and away. Catcher John Buck was set up on the inside and the pitch had some tailing action. Buck made a stab at the ball but missed. Run scores and runners now on second and third.

Pitch 3: Bartlet triples to right field, aided by a "dive" by Terrence Long. I put the dive in quotes because I'm not really sure what Long was doing or even thinking. He looked like he was charging and then his legs exploded, dropping him to the ground. Weak.

There you have it. Comical, really.

Your 2005 Royals. Finding new and unique ways to lose every night.


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