Tuesday, April 19, 2005


The media in this town are awful.

Decent game this afternoon with a great ending when backup catcher Alberto Castillo bombs a 3-2, two out pitch into the left field stands for a game winning home run.

So after the game, someone from the Royals PR department digs up a fun little number that says the Royals are 3-0 in games Castillo starts. Cute little factioid that is really inconsequential and designed to go in the newspaper under the “Notes” section and look something like this:

…The Royals are 3-0 in games Castillo starts…

Of course, with the rocket scientists and assorted nuclear physicists we get covering this team, that little aside is now the news peg. Like it means something. The two sports radio stations brought it up, and MLB.com featured it in their main wrap. It’s cute and everything, but there are other things to focus on here. Like the Royals finally scored some runs. Or the fact that the bullpen has been doing more than their share over the last several games. Or that after a brilliant first start, Denny Bautista has been slapped around pretty good.

I’ve been around K.C. media enough to know that if Allard Baird put out a release tomorrow stating that the Royals are 2-4 in games the day after he clips his toenails it would get significant play. I’m sorry but there are other more relevant, interesting things to discuss about this team.

It’s due to the overall laziness of the local media. They either lack time or imagination to do a little research to come up with a unique angle that might interest their audience. Instead, they prefer to be spoonfed useless information that wouldn’t even make Jayson Stark’s latest column.

Ok, that was my rant. I feel OK now. Thanks.

By the way, do you know if the Royals started Castillo in every game, that projects out to a 162-0 record?


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