Monday, April 04, 2005


Welcome to my blog on all things pertaining to the Kansas City Royals. I know, I know. But the world really does need another blog about the Royals. It’s true. Have you tried to find anything online about the Yankees or Red Sox? These blogs are a dime a dozen. Many are quality, some are crap. There’s much less online about the Royals. As a team, we are woefully underrepresented. Blogs devoted to the Royals do exist, but you really have to search. Of course, I’ll link to many of those Royal blogs in due time.
Obviously, quantity does not equal quality. Just because the Yankees have over one hundred blogs and the Royals only have ten, doesn’t mean there has to be 90-odd bland, boring blogs for the boys in blue. Besides, we don’t have a player with “intangibles” like Derek Jeter to slobber over cutting our possible entries by about 70%. The great thing about webblogs is how they can have similar subjects, but different perspectives.
Hopefully, that is where this blog will come into play. Over the course of the season, we’ll look at everything this organization does from a critical standpoint. We’ll heap praise (yea, Calvin Pickering!) and disgust (why 12 pitchers?) in equal, and deserving, amounts.
Why the Royals? It’s not like I picked this team out of thin air. They are MY TEAM! I’ve been with them from the early days in the mid-70s, thru the glory years of the 80s and I’ll continue to stick by them in the current dark days. Yeah, it’s painful. It’s painful as hell. But when they win, it will be sweet. That’s what I’m waiting for.
I’m just starting and it might take a while to find my voice, but I’m pretty sure I know where this blog will go.
I hope everyone has as much fun reading as I know I will have writing.


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