Friday, April 08, 2005

This and That

Some random thoughts from the first week:

• There was a Barry Melrose sighting on ESPN last night. Judging from his outfit, I’d say he’s been spending his time away from hockey hiding out in Harold Reynolds’ closet.
• Very glad to hear Steve Stone on the ESPN broadcast of Wednesday’s Red Sox – Yankee game. I thought he and Chip Caray were excellent doing Cub games the last couple of years. The reason I liked them so much was probably the same reason they were let go.
• At $14.95 for the season, the MLB Gameday Audio package is an absolute steal. Being able to sit at your computer and listen to Jon Miller, Vin Scully, Dave Niehaus and other legends call a baseball game is about as good as it gets.
• Results from this week prove how, in most instances, it’s plain silly to devote a large portion of a team payroll to a “closer.”
• Ken Griffey, Jr. made it through the first week of the season without landing on the DL. Willy Mo Pena is pissed.
• Something tells me I’m not the only one…The first time I saw the commercial for Tiny House, I thought “That’s a show I’d watch. It’s probably on FOX.” Geiko has some of the most creative, crazy ads out there.
• Krispy Kreme donuts are overrated.

If you’re one of the few who stopped by this week, thank you. Hopefully, you’ve found something of interest and will keep coming back.


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