Monday, May 16, 2005


A hugely successful weekend for the Royals! And by hugely successful, I mean taking three out of four from any team is a good thing.

• Zack Greinke has to be wondering what he did to his teammates to make their bats go so cold every time he takes the mound. The Royals lack of production in his starts is insane. Zack, it’s time to start a plan to motivate the offense. How about something like gift certificates for base hits, RBIs and in an effort to keep Angel Berroa on base, runs.

• Mike Wood…Closer?

• If it’s May, it must be time for the injuries as Denny Bautista joined an already crowded DL over the weekend. The good news is Mike Sweeney is reportedly making progress with his strained oblique and will return on Tuesday.

• Speaking of Sweeney, how great is it that this team has won three out of five with their best player out of the lineup?

• Off day today with the Orioles coming to town beginning tomorrow.

A brief post to start the week, but if you're interested I should have something with a little more meat on it later in the day.


At 10:39 AM, Anonymous vladimer811 said...

in answer to your bullett points..

bribeing the hitters won't do any good.. its just a team that is not built to hit.. and hit even less without sweeney.

if wood is the one to keep the lead. then give him the ball in the 9th.. I would rather see him out that than amborex (atleast after sunday..)

The real question is when sweendog comes back will he beable to continue the way he was hitting when he got hurt. because.. if he were to do that.. KC might win a couple of games.

and i'm not looking forward to seeing baltimore again.. they really need these games because they see what's going on in the bronx.. make no mistake.. they cannot afford to lose two of three to us.

keep up the good work..

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