Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Draft Day

The draft starts at noon (CDT) today.

The draft, which never used to be that big of a deal, is now equivalent to Christmas morning to Royals fans. Something is wrapped up and under the tree just waiting to be opened. The anticipation is huge. What is in that package? Is it something we really want? Will it be that Red Ryder BB gun, or will it be some clothes that we'll never wear?

Here’s hoping the Royals splurge and get us that BB gun. (Alex Gordon or Justin Upton would qualify here.)

Of course, we won't know for a couple of years if this year's draft is any good or not, but I find it damn fun to guess along with everyone else.

There’s a ton of excellent info on the draft all over the internet, written by people who actually carve out a living following this stuff. In other words, they have more insight than I could possibly hope to have. So, instead of giving you a draft day preview, I’ll direct people to some links that might be of interest. That way, when a name pops up you've never heard of, you can click back here and follow your link of choice. Easy.

Draft day links:

Baseball America is reporting they have two sources that say the Diamondbacks will take Justin Upton with the number one overall pick. Not surprising.

The list of top 200 prospects is up at Baseball America.

Nice write-up on Nebraska 3B, and consensus second-best player in the draft, Alex Gordon.

John Sickels at the excellent Minor League Ball website ran a mock draft over the weekend. Totally in-depth and very easy to navigate. You’ll find the AL Central results here.

Sickels is the best in the biz and will be posting updates all day long.

And finally, MLB.com will have live coverage of the draft starting at 11:30.

It should be a fun day.

Be sure to check back sometime after lunch to see if that Red Ryder is under our tree.


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